Scream Queen: Chapter 7

Zhu Yang quickly closed her mouth. She knew that the female ghost couldn’t inflict any physical damage to her before the seven days were up, however, starting from the fifth day, she had the ability to appear during this day. The ghost’s inescapable presence was overwhelming. 

To be honest, was the female ghost strong? Not really if one were to compare her to the real Sadako, however, the gradual dread builds up rather quickly. After the first encounter with the ghost, her dreams were constantly being invaded, causing Zhu Yang to be unable to sleep properly. Now, even during the day, she could see that horrible face everywhere. 

If this were another person, this kind of torment would slowly wreck their mental state, and following the seven-day death warning, some might not even survive till the last day. 

Zhu Yang didn’t know whether it was because she went to Zhu LiNa’s house that day and knew what to expect or because the female ghost was no longer playing by the rules, that caused something inside of her to snap. 

In short, her hatred towards the female ghost and her desire to kill her was no different than the ghost’s desire to kill her. Zhu Yang didn’t feel terrified with her situation, but rather a little annoyed. 

Zhu LiNa, who was holding up the fork for a long time, noticed Zhu Yang not moving towards it, asked, “What’s wrong? Didn’t you want to eat grapes? Eat ah!” 

When Zhu Yang heard those words, the voice speaking it sounded rough and had an odd presence, as if taunting her to swallow the eyeball. 

Zhu Yang needed to confirm whether this ugly ghost could only control her senses, or if she could also control Zhu LiNa.

After all, these two scenarios were very different. What if the ghost could control other people’s actions and have them attack her? 

So Zhu Yang said, “Zhu LiNa, you eat it.” 

Zhu LiNa was taken back and confused, but still obediently stuffed the grape into her mouth. 

From Zhu Yang’s perspective, she was seeing a mouthful of rotten black teeth chewing on an eyeball, causing the fluids to spurt towards her. 

After swallowing down the eye, the ghastly face smiled provocatively, displaying the chunks of meat stuck between the teeth. 

Zhu Yang thought inwardly that the female ghost was acting really reckless. She guessed that since the ghost had noticed from last night that she was more afraid of disgusting things than the actual ghost herself, so she decided to change tactics and try to gross her out instead. 

Thus Zhu Yang immediately decided to change the battle site. There were too many people at school, which was an obvious disadvantage for her. 

She stood up and told Zhu LiNa, “I’m going to head back first. In the afternoon, ask for a leave for me. Pay attention to Lin Xi and don’t let her slack off.” 

Then to Xie XiaoMeng, “Drive me home.” 

If the female ghost decides to masquerade as a pedestrian or a traffic light halfway through her drive home to scare her, then she’ll be at risk of having a car accident. Zhu Yang was not willing to take that risk. 

Zhu LiNa had no objections. Although she has spent the past few days with her tail sandwiched between her legs, dealing with Lin Xi was much easier than dealing with Zhu Yang.   

Since today was the fifth day and the female ghost could appear during the day time, Zhu LiNa suspected that Zhu Yang wanted to head home because she saw the ghost. However, she didn’t know how or when the female ghost appeared to Zhu Yang. 

On the other hand, Xie XiaoMeng was quite reluctant. In her mind, Zhu Yang’s villa was now a haunted house, so she was a bit apprehensive. 

“There’s a handsome guy at my house, are you sure you won’t come? 

Who cares about handsome guys right now? Even if you still want to chase after beauties, don’t drag me with you! Zhu Yang didn’t need to bribe her with eye candy for her to drive her home, her overbearing presence was enough. 

Xie XiaoMeng made up her mind to only send Zhu Yang to her doorstep and to never enter. 

Later when she parked her car next to the garden, she caught sight of the handsome guy lounging outside to enjoy the sun’s warmth. 

To be labeled as ‘handsome’ under Zhu Yang’s strict evaluation meant that the person was definitely above regular standards. 

Xie Yi was able to earn his title as a celestial master at such a young age, thus his looks and temperament were definitely unique. 

Xie XiaoMeng’s eyes widened and quickly forgot about her decision to not enter Zhu Yang’s house. 

Zhu Yang ignored the idiotic b*tch and looked for the video as soon as she entered the building. 

When Xie Yi re-entered the house, he saw her fiddling with the CD and asked, “Didn’t you mention that on the 5th day, she could come out at any time to scare you? You didn’t see it this morning, and you’re starting to miss her? 

Zhu Yang also ignored him. Instead she called out, “Hey! Are you here? Appear now. It’s okay to appear on these two, or do you need me to prepare some watermelons or basketballs as a medium for your head? 

The room was silent. Xie Yi and Xie XiaoMeng, who both entered the room together, had just finished exchanging their greetings before being interrupted by Zhu Yang’s demands. 

“You really want to summon her?” 

Zhu Yang waited for a long while, but the female ghost still didn’t appear, so she spoke again, “What’s wrong? Don’t be shy, ah. Weren’t you very energetic at school just now? Do you need me to call you by a nickname for you to come out?”

“Rotten teeth girl? Snot spirit? Ringworm Nails? Ghost without the salt? Hey~~, come out, ah.” 

Xie XiaoMeng and Xie Yi both knew that Zhu Yang had finally lost her mind and was trying to persuade her out of antagonizing the ghost, when Zhu Yang moved a chair and sat right in front of the TV. The new position allowed her to talk face to face with whoever was on TV. 

Clicking the ‘play’ button, the screen showed the image of a small black room. When the female ghost appeared, sitting in front of the dressing table, combing her hair, Zhu Yang waited till the ghost to look at her viewers through the mirror’s reflection before pausing the video. 

“Nevermind, I know that even if you don’t come out, you are able to see what I do and say. However, I am unable to see your reactions, so it feels like I’m talking to the air. Anyways, that has been remedied now.” 

After he explained, Zhu Yang pulled out her phone. However, she felt that the screen was too small, so she had Xie Yi return the tablet she had lent him earlier to play games on. 

Nimble fingers quickly opened up the school forum. Although Lin Xi was dense as a brick, she was quite adept in handling affairs similar to her future profession.  

Within such a short time, the post had already blown up. There were hundreds of replies and a bright red ‘HOT’ sticker on the post topic. 

Zhu Yang happily opened up the thread, and directly spoke to the female ghost, “Come come come, I know you probably developed a psychological disorder from being locked up in that cramp dark room all year round. However, in order to recover, you shouldn’t be terrorizing beautiful women.” 

“For girls, even if you’re a ghost, we have to pay attention to our styles. Look at how famous Nie XiaoQian and Sister Sadako are. I understand why you want to imitate Sadako, however, it isn’t good to set your goals too high, otherwise you’d end up being made fun of. 

“So today, I planned out a new way for you to become popular in the ghost world. Do you know what “black red*” route is? Since you don’t fit the necessary criteria to follow the idol route, we can take the comedian* route.” 

(T/N: 黑红–> literally black red. From what I read it essentially means a person/actor causes a big scandal/drama (black) and gains a lot of popularity, then the producers would make said person look innocent and they still remain popular (red → another word for HOT topic)

谐 星 →  The comedian route means that the person makes themselves look bad to entertain the audience )

Zhu Yang had guessed correctly. The ghost had the ability to watch her every move. Not to mention the fact that she turned on the TV, so even if the ghost didn’t want to watch her, she had to. 

So that afternoon, the female ghost was forced to read all the mocking comments poking fun of her appearance on the forum thread. The comments asked which classic female ghost character was being ripped off by another knock-off domestic horror film and how did this actress’ appearance land her the lead role.

【Does your family own a mine? Looking like this, I’m even embarrassed to think about the unspoken rules.】  

【No, if they have a mine to fund the movie, why didn’t they get plastic surgery first? With so much money, they can get their teeth straightened, fix their nose and jaw, and get an open eye surgery, and— wait, there’s nothing on the face that doesn’t need fixing.】

【Upstairs, you are overestimating the ability of modern day plastic surgery. Why trouble the doctor for something that God couldn’t even fix? 】

【Off topic, Off topic. Aren’t we supposed to be comparing this thing with Kuchisake-onna, Chu RenMei, and the rest? Bet that it was just an overhyped bad film.】

【How much traffic does the university forum even get? Anyways, as for myself, I wouldn’t dare watch this film.】

【Fine, since they dare to be so shameless and shove such blatant propaganda, why don’t we select her as first place?】

【Yes yes. Let’s hurry on to the next stage. Didn’t it say that there’s money prizes in the photo-shop competition? Just photoshop an image and get a chance to win ten thousand dollars. Aren’t your shopping carts waiting to be emptied? Don’t you want better skins for your skin? Hurry up!】

Zhu Yang simultaneously showed the comment section to the ghost while comforting her, “Everything’s going to be alright. Don’t pay too much attention to how much they’re roasting you right now. After all, there’s that saying “when things reach an extreme, they can only move in the opposite direction.” Anyways, for this route, don’t be afraid of being cursed at. The only thing you should be afraid of is losing the public’s attention. Oh! Look, people are already uploading their photoshopped pictures! Ah, so efficient.” 

“Let’s see. This one placed candles on top of a dead person in the icebox. This one photoshopped a word  bubble asking for toilet paper. Hahaha, that’s so funny. Oh, this one is also good. They photoshopped a bamboo mouse into your open mouth.” 

“Kekeke, I can’t anymore. A bamboo rat can’t possibly fit inside, right? Wow~ this poster is talented. Grow flowers to have white teeth, gifting you a set of new teeth.” 

“I really like this. I’ll support this person. First place is too conspicuous, he’ll get third place then.” 

Zhu Yang held up the tablet and swayed back and forth excitedly in front of the female ghost. Xie Yi and Xie XiaoMeng  just observed the female ghost who had been brutally attacked by Zhu Yang’s inhumane tactics. Green blood slowly dripped out of the ghost’s orifices.  

She had suffered an obvious internal injury! 

The two watched as the female ghost broke out of her frozen state and stretched out her arms as if trying to reach out the screen to choke the neck of the person right in front of her– 

Choke her to death! Strangle her! Strangle her to death! 

Her victim was clearly right in front of her. Less than a centimeter away. But why couldn’t she reach her? There was one more day til the seventh day, but the female ghost couldn’t wait any longer. 

Xie Yi and Xie XiaoMeng awakardly watched how Zhu Yang humiliated and mocked the ghost for the entire afternoon.  

Can one even cyberbully the supernatural beings these days? 

Only until the female ghost was angered to the point of internally injuring herself and realizing that there was no real way to exact her vengeance, did she run away hatefully. 

Xie Yi’s mouth twitched, “Uh, Zhu Yang, actually, did you perhaps misunderstand your situation?” 

Xie XiaoMeng also felt the same way, “Yes, I now think that the female ghost is one being tormented for seven days. I-I think she’s quite pitiful.” 

After the events that occurred in the past few days, it was obvious that Zhu Yang was the true villain. 

Zhu Yang gave them a look and got up, “Alright, let’s eat! It will all be over by tomorrow.” 

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